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Talent Strategy

Talent philosophy        

      Talent is the first resource of the company, one of the value of the company to improve employee and meet their mind. We focus and meet the employee’s needs, simulate their incentive, coordinate their goal and company’s so that they can achieve success and work effectively.
     Through company’s regulations, we respect their value, promote their quality, develop their ability, guarantee their rights and increase their cohesion to make mutual development.       
      Recruit principle: generous, talent, devoted and healthy.
      Personnel allocation principle: post match, full development, weakness minimizing and work compatible
      Talent selection principle: justice and equity, morality and ability, contribution first but not stick to one pattern
Employee improvement principle: learn from practice and improve gradually.
Goal of HR      
      According to the development strategy of company, we set up HR’s strategy to perfect HR management system in terms of selection, appointment, training, development and reserve. Through effective operation of six parts (selection, training, remuneration, performance assessment, relations of staff and HR planning), we can improve employee’s quality comprehensively, achieve their value maximally and allocate resource optimally. In this case, our sustainability can be improved so that we can make sure to achieve the goal of the most internally competitive company in the world.

Strategy of HR

Effective organization establishment      
      On the basis of company strategy, development, technical and application development feature, and HR communication system, we establish scientific and efficient organization. This organization can short information transfer, improve team cooperation ability and make endeavor to meet the needs of company development and forge core competitiveness by its rationality and foresight.
Optimum efficiency exertion of HR       
      Diversified incentive system with combination of material and spiritual incentive, to stimulate employee’s potential and enthusiasm.
      Different multi-level training system, to provide an opportunity that grow together with company.
      Fair and reasonable performance appraisal system, to exert their potential, improve their satisfaction and decrease the brain drain.
      Harmonious interpersonal relationship, to built positive working environment and improve effencify.
      Scientific HR planning system, to achieve employee’s value maximally and mutual development.

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