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Sustainable development

Research & Innovation


SUNSHOW has invested 100 million RMB in building SUNSHOW R&D Center of Polymer Weathering which covers an area of 5000 square meter. SUNSHOW R&D Center of polymer Weathering is focused on the application and synthesis of series of new type weather-resistant additive and plans to make it into the most professional weather resistant R&D center in China and offering comprehensive material testing and anti-aging method to our client.

At present, SUNSHOW R&D center is well organized by a team of dynamic, innovative and passionate researchers, with an average age of 32 years old. 10% of the R&D team is awarded senior professional titles. 60% of them possess master degree. There are two labs and Shandong weather-resistant material R&D center.

SUNSHOW considers quality consistency and stability as crucial importance. Nowadays, SUNSHOW has been certified by ISO9001:2008(UKAS) which can guarantee the quality of our products. In order to provide most professional technical service, we have established four laboratories: Quality Control Lab, Analysis Lab, Material performance Lab and Weather-resistance Lab. Currently, the company has a lot of advance facilities like Ci3000(Atlas), QUV(Q-Lab), Q-SUN(Q-Lab), DSC(TA), TGA(TA), FTIR(Thermo-fisher), UV-vis, electron universal testing machine, Digital display, impact tester, Colorimeter (Minolta), Gloss tester(BYK), advanced twin- screw extruder, injection machine, etc.

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