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Sustainable development

Environmental Protection & Safety

Safety, health and environmental safety

Sunshow chemical global security,  Health and environmental management

Security policy and standards
Sunshow is committed to:
We guarantee to all the staff that we can provide a safe working environment.
We can provide safe products and services to all customers.
In the community we work, to create a safe environment and to be a good corporate citizen.

safety criterion
All occupational diseases, injuries and accidents can be prevented
Effective safety management is very important, we must continually be improved
Keep safety at priority.
Our engineering installation and equipments will minimize the operating risks and damage to people, the environment, and neighbors
Make risk assessment, and work through the reasonable operations to reduce risk as much as possible.
For all managers, safety in the management should be always at priority
Everyone should not only to oneself also is responsible for the safety of the working partner.
With consistent responsible actions, we will maintain the public recognition and make them to trust of us.

Health guidelines and standards
Sunshow is committed to:
We guarantee to all the staff that we can provide a safe working environment.
Encourage employees to maintain a healthy lifestyle。

Health guidelines
All employees should be work at an environment that without any fear on accident and occupational disease.
All staff should be responsible for their own health, and company encourages employees to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
All employees of Sunshow will be taken a medical examination in a designated hospital before be hired. The items should be apply to the nature of work..
Sunshow designates a hospital for medical checks and provide medical advice to support the companys health plan.
Sunshow will support such as weight control, quit smoking and fitness programs. Sunshow will help those who desire to get rid of alcohol and drugs.
Ban on drugs use at any time, it is also banned use of alcohol, drugs during work time. Sunshow will use the checking procedure of the alcohol and drugs according to the national and local laws and regulations.
Sunshow guarantees the appropriately trained first aid personnel and emergency equipment should be in the company.
Sunshow will provide the appropriate personal protective equipments to employees and to prevent the work injury and disease. All employees should wear personal protective equipment according to the requirements of different work.
Sunshow will take a risk assessment for all operations and also will ensure the safety and healthy working environment.

Environmental policies and standards
Sunshow is committed to create a clean and healthy environment. We will be highly responsible for the environmental protection consciousness to make the safety, and reliable products to our customers.

Sunshow will do that:
Identify the extent of production impacting on the environment, and make continuous environmental improvement.
Reduce the environmental impact from our products and production process.
Make efforts to prevent pollution, reduce waste and support for pollution control plan
We have the production policy, processes, procedures and resources to carry out environmental policy.
Encourage employees to have environmental protection consciousness at any time.
Encourage the continuous improvements to minimize all kinds of waste.
Comply with the relevant environmental protection laws and regulations, or perform higher standards on environmental.
Existing in the construction of new facilities and equipment modification before you begin, first of all to the evaluation of environmental conditions and their influence
Seek for the open and honest communications with shareholders.
Make the most of the energy. In the cost range, we should recycle the resources as much as possible.

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