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Potential Safety Hazard Management

Environmental benchmarking management is important work in the long run. Focus on energy consumption and raw material consumption, guided by the internal level, Sunshow will set up working mechanism of Contrast, Analysis, Improvement and Surpass to make sure the direction and optimize the mode. Fully considering any potential safety hazard in plant and warehouse for our customer, for example: static, miscarriage of metallic contamination and so on, we use antistatic package and make product re-check to reduce the risk.

1. Potential safety hazard should be registered. This can not only track to rectify and reform but also provide the channel of dynamic analysis.  It is a common failing if most parts have potential safety hazard. It didnt rectify and reform completely if only one part have it. We can make a guiding policy according to these record and information. 
2. Except record, we still need to issue the notice of rectify and reform to make emphasis on this issue. Any dangerous safety hazard, inspectors must stop working and reform.
3. Any against rules and operations, inspectors should point out and correct on the spot.
4. Any department which found out the hazard should study remediation solutions immediately, making three fixed, that is fixed person, fixed time, fixed actions
5. After remediation it should inform relevant department which should check again. After qualified it can close the case.
6. The person result in or charge for safety hazard need give a fine according to the seriousness, such as penalty, dismiss or education.

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