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Environmental Protection Promotion

Environmental management systematism

  On the basis of ISO9001, learning the advantage from SHE (Safety Healthy, Environment) of advanced enterprises, Sunshow preliminary set up SHE management system which have Chinese chemical characteristics and  meet national laws and regulations. It is in full operation internally which improved enviromnetal management systematism

    Most products have REACH registeration which allows selling in developed countries like Europe, USA and Japan. It can meet environmental standard that make your products without environmental worries.
    We make much account of heavy metal content. We not only produce Antioxidants without metallic tin but test heavy metal content of all products, especially ROHS test. 
    Most of our products are approved by FDA which can be used in Food Contact plastic. If you need the instructions of FDA, please contact our customer service.
    Except for the above test, we also provide more professional for customer to meet environmental demands.

Environmental management informationization

     Through the network platform which integrated of information searching, collection, analysis and daily management of our HQ and branches, Sunshow can improve the management efficiency to submit and feedback the information quicky.

Environmental management benchmark

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