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Innovation Service

Product Quality Guarantee

Quality policy
Sunshow is committed to provide qualified product and service to be the first world- class and meet customer’s satisfaction.

Two meanings of the policy
1.The quality concept of being first world-class 
Sunshow make endeavor to develop the market on the basis of quality concept.
2.The meaning of Five aspect

1. customer-oriented: customer is the foundation of Sunshow to survive and develop, no customer, no living space of Sunshow
2. Zero defect strategy: it require Sunshow to provide first-rate product and service for customers, which is the direction of all employee.
3. Continuous improvement: we should make continuous improvement to meet customers’requirements now and future.
4. Prevention first: zero defect strategy require us to make a plan of quality, prevent first, reduce the risk so that we can make sure to improve product quality and meet customer’s requirement
5. Regulation conformity: in order to be first-rate one, besides the customer’s requirement,  it still need to be in accord with laws and regulations during making the product planning strategy. 

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